The Cognac


The Sommelier’s Touch Redefining Tradition

In the wine-growing region surrounding the town of Cognac, white grapes ripen on hillslopes warmed by the summer sun. Only the finest grapes are fermented and then slowly double distilled to create eaux de vie – a brandy spirit with the complexity and depth of a fine wine unique to the craft of Cognac.

Guided by Exsto’s Master Blender Géraud Vallantin-Dulac, Exsto sommelier and aroma connoisseur Julie Dupouy chose to work with 15 small producers from the Cognac region, selecting only eight of the best eaux de vie, all of which have spent decades aging in rare, French oak barrels.

These eaux de vie were produced in the top three terroirs of the Cognac region: Grande-Champagne and Petite-Champagne, revered for their ultra- fine, floral characters, and Borderies, the smallest of the six crus, famed for producing rare, smooth and voluptuous eaux de vie with a delicate violet aroma.

Together with Géraud, Julie has created a vital, complex blend which expresses the nuances of each eaux-de vie while synergising their distinctive qualities.

The result? A modern, elegant Cognac with a sensual, lively spirit.



Touch by touch, note by note, like a master perfumer Julie has created two distinctive cognac blends: Exsto Or Impérial and Exsto Elixir.

Inspired by the diversity of the Cognac appellation, the skills of vineyard workers and long period of cask-ageing, Julie blended eaux de vie from each sub appellation: aromatic selections from Grande et Petite Champagne, delicate, floral eaux de vie from Borderies and fresh, fruity eaux de vie from neighbouring Borderies.

Her vision was to create a pure aromatic expression which enhances the eight carefully selected eaux de vie in each bottle.


Or Impérial - limited edition

Only 888 numbered carafes of Or Impérial have been created, each a unique piece.

The cap has been designed and hand-blown by talented, millenial French glass artists Eve andLaurent George to compliment the rich colour of Exsto Cognac and the topography of the bottle. 

Using Vinolok technology, this innovative cap ensures the bottle remains hermetically sealed to ensure the enduring quality of your Cognac. 



At first nose, Exsto Cognac Élixir exudes intense notes of caramel au beurre (caramelised butter), red fruits, ripe peaches and apricots, exotic spices – vanilla, cinnamon, and star anise, roasted pineapple and melon with a twist of bitter oak.

Upon a drop of water, the cognac’s buttery notes are brought out for a richer finish. The Élixir comprises a mixture of eight eaux-de-vie chosen out of the rarest and oldest stock from our producers.